A Healthier Happier Life Can Be Yours.

Imagine spending your days doing what you love, feeling at ease in your body, and being fully at peace 

in your mind and spirit. 

Start feeling better and enjoying life more by asking one question every day: 

"What else can I do for my health?" 

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Lane Therrell

Lane Therrell FNP-BC, RN, HTCP

Meet your guide to better health and wellness

I'm Lane Therrell. My personal commitment to health and healing began in 2000, when I personally experienced the benefits of complementary, alternative, and integrative approaches to wellness. In 2013, I became a nurse practitioner so I could share my knowledge with others professionally. My life experience informs my passion for empowering others to enjoy their best health.

If you want to be healthier and happier every day
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The "You Want to be Happier and Healthier Report" outlines 5 common issues standing in the way of your best health.  And it shares what you can do about them.

This information is distilled from my own personal quest for better health and my experience as a nurse practitioner.

In this report, you'll find out:

  • How looking for quick health fixes can get you in trouble, and what you can do instead
  • Why it's so important to ask the right questions about your health
  • Why treating symptoms only can make you sicker, and what to focus on instead to get results
  • ...and much, much more...

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Muriah G2

In healthcare today, where data drives care and practitioners spend less and less time with patients, Lane is a breath of fresh air.  When you talk to Lane you get the feeling of finally being heard.  She is a wealth of knowledge and resources, and is tenacious about providing the most current information for her clients.  I highly recommend Lane and her healing and coaching practice.  She is a treasure!” 

Muriah G., RN

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